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Sparta HMS is designed for all sizes of hospitals / clinics to cover a wide range of Hospital Management and Administration processes. It is an integrated end-to-end Hospital Management System that provides relevant information across the hospital/clinic about patient care, hospital administration and critical financial accounting in a seamless flow. This software is designed to manage and monitor day-to-day activities in an extremely simple way and is offered at a fair price.

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  • Patient Registration

    • Easy Appointment Scheduling with seperate In and Out patients screens
    • Generic easy search to find patients with minimal number of fileds
    • Check Room availability, Quick and Easy Insurance claim process
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  • IN / OUT Patient Dashboard

    • Have an integrated view of the entire patient information with one click
    • Linked to pharmacy to order prescription medication for a patient
    • Suggesting Lab tests/ Radiology to patients and ease to access patient Medical history
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  • Diagnostics

    • See all scheduled lab tests
    • Any new test can be easily incorporated
    • Can get request directly from consultant doctor
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  • Billing

    • Insurance Billing, Full payment history of the patient can be viewed at any time
    • Comprehensive list of all associated charges will be shown in the final billing statement
    • Customized bill print and Discharge Summary with detailed instructions
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  • Analytics

    • Hospital daily submissions with user, Paymode, branch wise
    • Income reorts by User, Doctor, Location wise
    • Cancelled Bill Data
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  • Pharmacy

    • Easy tracking of Purchase Bills and Stock Returns
    • Daily reports of inventory, Tax Reports, GRN Reports, Sales Reports
    • Stock Reports, Due collections
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